On to the Greek islands again, spending every day and night on a quest to find the best spots to swim, jump, dive, dance, eat or just sit around, that’s okay too. The ride itself is half the fun - we have the best team of skippers anyone could ever wish for and we just love to sail and build rafts. Who said parking isn’t fun?


We are always ready to party - just give us some music, some speakers, a couple of drinks and a crowd - and we have all of them! And we have VRTW on board. Is it an events platform, a content label, a booking agency or a family of artists? It's all of the above! ︎


All of the above means nothing without the people, so we need to make sure that we have the best people - we prepare all the ingredients, but you can help too: you can assist the skippers, visit other crews, talk to the people, start a dance and step out of your comfort zone. Tip: It always helps to bring a drink!
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Watermelon is a joint venture between Bleumarin Sailing