the yacht

  • All yachts have a minimum of 300L of water available. This should be enough for showering, cooking and general use, but you should use it responsibly. Tanks will only be filled up in ports, usually once every 2 days. Please check your itinerary before.

  • All yachts come with bed linen, towels, tableware, kitchen appliances, as well as all the necessary safety equipment

  • Yachts usually have two types of cabin configurations, double bed and bunk bed, please check the layout of the desired boat before booking. Cabins are distributed between crew members at check-in by mutual agreement.

  • When docked in a marina, 220V will be supplied. During navigation, you can only charge your devices using 12V, so please bring your own adapter.

  • Each yacht features its own stereo system. Still, during our parties, music will be provided by and is exclusive to the nicecream.fm DJs.


  • Boarding takes place in the departure/arrival port. For the duration of the event, cars can be left in the designated parking areas.

  • At the official start time of the event, each crew will meet their skipper and will be taken to their boat for the check-in and skipper briefing.

  • During the check-in process, every crew should appoint 2-3 members to stock up the boat based on the recommended list of supplies (provided in our booklet).

  • The average daily sailing time is 4 hours. All boats shall have the same itinerary; the departure and arrival times may change from time to time.

  • In general, every night will be spent in a new location. Every participant is free to explore the islands and towns, relax or join the organized parties. Some nights will be spent in remote bays where there is no access to external power or water sources, make sure you use the water carefully and have sufficient supplies for 1-2 meals.

  • Must have: sunglasses, hat/cap, waterproof jacket, sunscreen, seasickness pills - all your items should fit in a 60L backpack or bag (ideally foldable, trollers are not recommended).

  • Recommended: travel insurance, snorkeling equipment, sailor shirt, floats, water shoes etc.

  • It is forbidden to throw any kind of packaging, plastic, aluminum, glass or paper material into the sea. We strongly urge you to use eco products when considering shampoos, body gels, soaps and other substances that will be thrown into the sea.


  • How much money will I need?

Aside from the price of the ticket, the following expenses will arise: transportation (50-150 EUR/person), boat supplies (60-100 EUR/person), boat expenses (fuel, water, docking fees 50-150 EUR/person), security deposit (150 EUR/person, will be returned at the end). Recommended: 500-700 EUR/person (with spare cash).

  • What are the daily activities?

Sailing, swimming, snorkeling, island exploration, tavern hunting, diving and jumping, visiting caves and grottos, stargazing, and, of course, partying - whether it’s at our parties or on your boat or all the time.

  • Will I be seasick?

Although statistically there is very little chance, there are some people who get seasick. In our booklet, we recommend that each boat has 1 box of seasickness pills (Stugeron, for example) in case it is needed. In case you are seasick, please inform your crew and your skipper.

  • Is sailing dangerous?

Usually the weather is perfect during this time of the year. All boats are fitted with all the necessary safety equipment, and due to the fact that we are traveling as a fleet, usually close to the shores and are accompanied by experienced skippers, there is very little chance that anything can happen.

  • Can I sail or be a co-skipper?

We have many aspiring sailors every year and you will see that not only can you be a co-skipper, sometimes it will be necessary, as the skippers can’t always do everything by themselves. If you are passionate about sailing, the skippers will be more than happy to talk to you and ask for your assistance.

  • Can I play my own music?

Each boat has its own stereo system and most will work with Bluetooth connectivity or a USB drive. You will have plenty of opportunities to listen to your own music, especially during sailing when the other boats are further away and you will be on your own. You can also play music in other circumstances, however we would like to remind you that during our official parties the only source of music will be that provided by our guest DJs invited by nicecream.fm.

  • What if I change my mind? (Refund policy)

If for some reason, you are not able to join the event anymore or you have changed your mind, there are several solutions available to you: you can either transfer your ticket to someone else, reschedule your trip or you can ask for a refund - this can only be provided once next year’s event is open to subscriptions.

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