#11 Off to Italy

June 17 - 24

#12 Off to Greece

September 16 - 23

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One week of Sailing

& Party

  • Island hopping - every day, a new destination. It's like having 6 vacations in one!
  • Sailing - let yourself relax while moving from one place to another or join the fun and be a co-skipper.
  • Party - the music is always on. Join our DJs for a planned or spontaneous party or DIY with your crew in between.
  • Food and drinks - show us your cooking and mixology skills or let the greek cuisine sweep you away.
  • Water - a medium for endless possibilities: swim, snorkel, jump, play or simply drift. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Land - stroll around the towns, climb the highest hills, rent a bike or ATV and try to find that secluded beach.
  • People - a perfect opportunity to make new friends, find common interests and laugh.

With the coolest gang


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And the nicest music

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